Mission Statement

The mission of First Baptist Church of Vernal is to make disciples and grow them through worship, fellowship, and service.

What do we do at First Baptist Church of Vernal

We make and grow disciples of Jesus (also known as “Christians”). If you’re not a Christian, then our hope for you is that you’ll become saved

through faith in Jesus. It changes everything – forever!

If you have become saved, then we want to help you live by faith. The first step to living by faith is following Jesus’s expectation that you’ll be baptized (Matthew 28:18-20). If you take the step of baptism, then that means you intend to live as a Christian. The Christian life is centered around a discipleship program that Jesus called His “church”. The Bible fully expects that every Christian would join as a “member” of a local church in order to grow through worship, fellowship, and service (Romans 12:4-5). Church is also a way for you to use your unique spiritual gifts and participate in healthy accountability. Why not join with us so we can grow together?